Over the past few years in partnership with Zion Grace United Methodist Church, Through HIS Hands, Inc. (THH) developed the Community Food Assistance Program that has grown considerably in its operation as well as in the numbers of families it was able to serve. This program grew from forty-five families served each month in 2008 to 500 families per month in 2013. The church is now able to sustain and accommodate the needs of the community on its own.
   Therefore, THH has made the decision to move its services and knowledge to other communities that have food insecurities and little no or educational programs on how to resolve hunger in their communities. We can only achieve these goals by becoming an independent 501c3 and relocate to a new location that is under the sole control of THH.  This will allow us to duplicate all the skills we have learned over the years by mirroring them into a program which has produced positive results based on and supported by solid data. THH will strive to grow a donor base program through grants, networking and collaboration with similar organizations. This donor base program will also allow us to add additional educational services. We would like to feed communities and also educate these communities on how to achieve better nutritional diets for better health. THH plans to help the community by increasing the community advocacy and educational efforts to reduce hunger.
THH intentions are to continue the relationship with the Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia and Hunger America, Bimbo Bakery and Panera Bread. THH will continue to receive quality foods from these donors as a certified agency in our new location. THH has entered into talks with the No More Homelessness in Norfolk and Supportive Housing. THH would like to provide a moving-in Food Supplemental Package to the Homeless families moving into new permanent housing so the family’s nutritional needs are met until their initial food insecurities are resolved.
THH in doing all the above will improve individual and families quality and conditions of life; thus improving and supporting communities throughout Hampton Roads area.